The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


Books and Patents


3.  Microfluidics in Detection Science: Lab on a Chip Technologies

HO Fatoyinbo, FH Labeed (Editors)

Published by Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing,  in press 2014

2. Microengineering in Biotechnology

KF Hoettges, MP Hughes (Editors)

Published by Springer/Humana Press, November 2009; 252 pages

ISBN: 1588293815

1. Nanoelectromechanics in Engineering and Biology

MP Hughes

Published by CRC press, October 2002; 322 pages

ISBN 0849311837


Book Chapters

5. Biosensors

HO Fatoyinbo, MP Hughes

Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, ed. B Bhushan, Springer-Verlag 2012

4. AC-electrokinetic applications in a biological setting

FH Labeed

Microengineering in Biotechnology, ed. MP Hughes, K Hoettges,  Humana Press 2009

3. Bacterial manipulation by dielectrophoresis

MP Hughes, KF Hoettges

Principles of Bacterial Detection (Transducers, Recognition Elements, and Microsystems), ed. M. Zourob and P.F. Turner, Elsevier 2008

2. AC Electrokinetics of particles

MP Hughes, K. Hoettges, FH Labeed, HO Fatoyinbo

Handbook of Engineering, ed. RC Dorf, CRC Press, 2004.

1. Nanoparticle manipulation by electrostatic forces

MP Hughes

Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology Handbook, ed. W. Goddard, D. Brenner, S. Lyshevski, G. Iafrate, ISBN 0049312000. CRC Press 2002, updated for the second edition in 2007 and third edition in 2011.



5. Particle concentration in a liquid flow

KF Hoettges, MP Hughes; Filed 29th September 2009

4. Microelectrode device for dielectrophoretic characterisation of particles

HO Fatoyinbo, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes; Filed 16th August 2005

3. Apparatus for Collecting Particles

KF Hoettges, MP Hughes; Filed 12th February 2003

2. Device for Dielectrophoretic Manipulation of Particles

MP Hughes, KF Hoettges, SL Ogin, R Wattingham. , filed 28th February 2003

1. Apparatus for Detecting Particles

KF Hoettges, MP Hughes; Filed 9th February 2003.