The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey



The group has developed extensive links with researchers worldwide, on applications areas including oral cancer diagnosis, stem cell analysis and chronobiology.  There are links to these groups below.


The Oral cancer project is developed in collaboration with Stephen Porter and Stefano Fedele at the Eastman Dental Institute and Mark Lewis at Loughborough.  We calso have clinical partners at Bradford Royal Infirmary and the Royal Marsden Hospital.


Our stem cell work is highly collaborative; wehave worked with Lisa Flanagan at UCI on neural stem cell differentiation, Daniela Costea at the Gade Institute, University of Bergen on cancer stem cells; Richard Oreffo at Southampton on stromal stem cells, and Ian Mackenzie at QMUL.


We are currently working on electrophysiology with Chris Fry, Rita Jabr and Patrizia Camelliti (cardiac and endothelial cells), Ying Chen (neural cells) and Malcolm von Shantz (chronobiology).


We also maintain research collaborations with some of the lab alumni, including Fadi Jaber (Qatar), Rula Abdallat (Jordan) and Nazim Mohtar (Malaysia).