The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


DEPtech and Labtech

Deptech was established in 2007 by Kai Hoettges and Michael Hughes , and Brian Page, CEO of Labtech Ltd, distributor equipment to the life sciences industry in the UK and Europe.  It was founded to exploit dielectrophoresis technology developed in the University. Patents were filed in 2003 and 2007, and both have since been granted.  Labtech International are a company renowned in the UK and France for establishing novel technologies and applications in the life science market, with considerable experience identifying new markets and exploiting them with innovative solutions. Deptech have developed a technology that addresses a large, key area of scientific study and will provide researchers with an affordable tool to accelerate their research and provide new insights. Deptech have an exclusive license to develop the DEP IP developed at Surrey, and an exclusive distribution agreement with Labtech.

To date, the development of the 3DEP system has attracted £1M in investment from research council grants, SEEDA, NIHR, Finance South East, private investment loans, and internal Surrey funding.  Using this we have developed the 3DEP chip and reader system with virtually no additional capital required.  


The DEPtech 3DEP is the only commercially available DEP cell analyser on the market today.  


More information can be found at the DEPtech and Labtech websites - links are on the left.  For more onformation, please see the promotional video below.


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