The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


Dr Fatima H. Labeed

Dr Fatima Labeed is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey, where she has worked for over 10 years in the Centre for Biomedical Engineering.  Her main line of research, in which she has 15 years experience, is in the application of dielectrophoresis to novel subject areas such as stem cells, drug discovery and cancer research and diagnosis.  Fatima has built up a highly diverse international portfolio of collaborations to use dielectrophoresis to examine the electrophysiology of a range of different cell types.  Examples of this include the use of electrophysiology as a diagnostic tool for oral cancer (with the Eastman Dental Institute in London), as a new way of observing changes of stem cells as they become cancerous (with the Gade Institute in Norway); as a discriminator between human neural stem cells with different differentiation fates (with University California Irvine), as well as work with collaborators at Surrey to observe for the first time a cyclical circadian variation in the electrical properties of red blood cells over a 24 hour period, which may unlock deeper understanding of the body’s circadian rhythms. She has published over 20 journal papers and presented over 30 papers at international conferences, as well as giving six invited talks.  She has also supervised or co-supervised 12 PhD students and been a successful applicant both industrial, medical and research council funding. Her main educational role is in the teaching of human biology, physiology and anatomy, building on her first degrees in Biochemistry (1998, University of London) and Clinical Biochemistry with Molecular Biology (MSc, University of Surrey, 2000).  As well as delivering Human Biology material, Fatima also act as the faculty’s Ethics Committee representative, an academic integrity officer and previously co-organised the Department’s industrial placements for students at their second year of their degrees.

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