The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


Erin A. Henslee

Erin Henslee is currently pursuing her PhD in biomedical engineering applying dielectrophoresis for physiological applications including, dielectrophoresis in high conductive medium, cell aggregation using dielectrophoretic forces, and has been part of a multi-disciplinary team investigating circadian rhythms of in the electrical properties of red blood cells over a 24 hour period.


She received her BSc degrees (2008) in Engineering Science and Mechanics and Computational Mathematics from Virginia Tech. During her MSc (2010) in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Tech she modeled and experimentally demonstrated the ability of contactless-dielectrophoresis to differentiate various stages of breast cancer cell lines.


She has published three first/co-author papers among others, as well as several conference papers. She has worked as the undergraduate recruiter for the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, a biomedical engineering specialist at UTSW Medical Center, and currently holds a teaching assistantship position with the University of Surrey coordinating undergraduate engineering labs among other duties.

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