The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey



We are always happy to work with interested colleagues - both esistng and new  -to develop new and exciting applications of dielectrophoresis.  In addition to our experience in DEP, we also have extensive laboratory facilities for developing new assays and new technology.  This includes:-


Two labs - one for mammalian cell work, including a separate cell culture room, class 2 hood, two CO2 incubators.  The other for technology development and yeast/bacteria research with CO2 and air incubators.  Both are fully equipped with standard wet lab fare (centrifuges, sonication etc)


Two 3DEP cell analysis tools (one in each lab)


Fluorescence microscopes (two upright, one inverted) with high-sensitivity cooled camera for single-nanoparticle work


Storage facilites - both -85C and liquid nitrogen


Equipment for both converntional and RT PCR


Extensive microfluidics tools, fluid handling etc. Rapid prototyping equipment (3D printer, cutter plotter).  Microelectrode manufacturing facilities for conventional photolithography.