The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey



By pycraft, Feb 29 2016 05:00AM

Erin Henslee has successfully completed her PhD. Following her successful viva voce examination, her final thesis has been accepted and as of today, she is Dr Erin Henslee.

Erin will continue to work in the group, having taken up a role as Postdoctoral Research working on circadian rhythems.

By pycraft, Jul 15 2015 02:52PM

Our first clinical study describing how DEP can be used to diagnose oral cancer in promary care. The study examined samples form 57 participants at 4 UK hospitals, and introduced a new method of analysis - median membrane midpoints - for categorising samples. This work has formed the basis for follow-on studies, currently being prepared for publication, with industry-leading levels of senstivity and specificity.

By pycraft, Jul 15 2015 02:42PM

Our wok using DEP in combination with flow cytometry to analyse apoptosis at fine time resultion - in particular, to examine the function of scramblases, ion channels and the role of calcium - has been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Integrative Biology.

By pycraft, Apr 23 2015 04:56PM

Every April we gather to celebrate the graduation of the year's PhD students; this year we saw two graduates, as Nazim Mohtar and Karen Graham received their degrees from the Duke of Kent at the ceremony in Guildford Cathederal. Here they are, in the red and blue of Surrey graduates, with Miek and Fatima after the ceremony.

By pycraft, Apr 15 2015 05:50PM

Congratulations to Sina , whose paper "The effects of cell detachment methods on the dielectric properties of adherent and suspension cells" has just been accepted in Electrophoresis.

By pycraft, Dec 1 2014 09:00AM

Hearty congratulations to Kai Hoettges who, after 11 years with the team, is moving on to a new position at the University of Liverpool. Kai will continue to be a valued colleague and friend, and will remain an important part of the Surrey team, having been appointed Visiting Surrey Fellow.

By pycraft, Nov 21 2014 10:00AM

The Surrey group were well-represented at the 2014 AES Electrophoresis Society meeting in Atlanta from 16-21 November, with Mike giving a plenary lecture about the 3DEP system, whilst Fatima and Erin gave talks about cancer stem cells and circadian rhythms. Sina was sadly unable to attend, but his lecture on personalised medicine was delibered by Mike.

Always both scientifically engaging and an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues, the meeting set a high bar for the co-organisers of the next two meetings - namely Mike (Salt Lake City 2015) and Fatima (San Francisco 2016)!

By pycraft, Sep 11 2014 04:30PM

It was great to welcome our longtime friend and collaborator Dr Lisa Flanagan from University of California Irvine for science, sightseeing and most excellent scones. Chin chin!

By pycraft, Sep 1 2014 08:00AM

DEPtech has produced a video to promote the new 3DEP, and featuring Mike, Kai and Fatima (with guest appearance by Erin). Find out what you can do with a 3DEP, or at least find out what we sound like. The video can be found here.