Professor Michael P. Hughes

Director of Biomedical Enginering, University of Surrey, UK

Journal Papers


Ten–Second Electrophysiology: Evaluation of the 3DEP Platform for high-speed, high-accuracy cell analysis KF Hoettges, EA Henslee, RM Torcal Serrano, RI Jabr, RG Abdallat, AD Beale, A Waheed, P Camelliti, CH Fry, DR van der Veen, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Scientific Reports 2019 9 19153



Complexity changes in brain activity in healthy ageing: a permutation Lempel-Ziv complexity study of magnetoencephalograms E Shumbayawonda, PD Tosun, A Fernandez, MP Hughes, D Abasolo Entropy 2018 20 506 (1-16)

Effects of anterior compartment fasciotomy on intramuscular compartment pressure in patients with chronic exertional compartment syndrome D Roscoe, AJ Roberts, D Hulse, AF Shaheen, MP Hughes, AN Bennett Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps 2018 164 338-342

Barefoot plantar pressure measurement in chronic exertional compartment syndrome D Roscoe, AJ Roberts, D Hulse, A Shaheen, MP Hughes, A Bennett Gait and Posture 2018, 63, 10-16

Technological developments in dielectrophoresis and its path to commercialisation MP Hughes Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2018 81-88

Dielectrophoretic analysis of treated cancer cells for rapid assessment of treatment efficacy S Mahabadi, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2018 39 1104-1110



High-Throughput, Low-Loss, Low-Cost and Label-Free Cell Separation using Electrophysiology Activated Cell Enrichment SA Faraghat, KF Hoettges, MK Steinbach, D van der Veen, WJ Brackenbury, EA Henslee, FH Labeed and MP Hughes Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 2017 114 4591-4596

Permutation entropy for the characterisation of brain activity recorded with magnetoencaphalograms in healthy ageing E Shumbawayonda, A Fernandez, MP Hughes and D Abasolo Entropy 2017 19 141 (1-17)

Rapid determination of nanowire electrical properties using a dielectrophoresis-well based system M Constantinou, KF Hoettges, S Krylyuk, A Davydov, GP Rigas, MP Hughes, M Shkunov Applied Physics Letters 2017 110 133103 (1-5)

A Dielectrophoresis-Impedance Method for Protein Detection and Analysis AS Mohamad, R Hamzah, KF Hoettges and MP Hughes AIP Advances 2017 7 015202 (1-7)



Accurate quantification of apoptosis progression and toxicity using a dielectrophoretic approach EA Henslee, RM Torcal Serrano, FH Labeed, RI Jabr, CH Fry, MP Hughes and KF Hoettges  Analyst 2016 141 4608-4615

Fifty years of dielectrophoretic cell separation technology MP Hughes Biomicrofluidics 2016 10 032701 (1-9)

Simultaneous tunable selection and self-assembly of SI nanowires from heterogeneous feedstock M Constantinou, G Panagiotis Rigas, F Castro, V Stolojan, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes, E Adkin, BA Korgel, M Shkunov ACS Nano 2016 10 4384–4394



Apoptosis Progression Studied using Parallel Dielectrophoresis Electrophysiological Analysis and Flow Cytometry HJ Mulhall, A Cardnell, KF Hoettges, FH Labeed and MP Hughes Integrative Biology 2015 7 1396-1401

A dielectrophoretic method of discrimination between normal oral epithelium, and oral and oropharyngeal cancer in a clinical setting KA Graham, HJ Mulhall, FH Labeed, MP Lewis, KF Hoettges, N Kalavrezos, J McCaul, C Liew, S Porter, S Fedele, and MP Hughes Analyst 2015 140 5198-5204

Effects of cell detachment methods on the dielectric properties of adherent and suspension cells S Mahabadi, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2015 36 1493–1498

Characterization of human skeletal stem and bone cell populations using dielectrophoresis A Ismail, MP Hughes, HJ Mulhall, ROC Oreffo, FH Labeed Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2015 9 162-168



Dielectrophoretic sample preparation for environmental monitoring of microorganisms: soil particle removal HO Fatoyinbo, MC McDonnell, MP Hughes Biomicrofluidics 2014 8 044115 (1-10)

Dielectrophoretic response of DNA shows different conduction mechanisms for poly(dG)-poly(dC) and poly(dA)-poly(dT) in solution AS Muhamad, JC Jeynes, MP Hughes IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience 2014 13 51-54

Continuous flow nanoparticle concentration using alternating current-electroosmotic flow KF Hoettges, MB McDonnell, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2014 35 467-473

Factors affecting particle collection by electro-osmosis in microfluidic systems MN Mohtar, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2014 35 345-351



Efficient dielectrophoretic cell enrichment using a DEP-well based system MA Abdul Razak, KF Hoettges, HO Fatoyinbo, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Biomicrofluidics 2013 7, 064110 (1-10)

Solution processable multi-channel ZnO nanowire field-effect transistors with organic gate dielectric C Opoku, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes, SRP Silva, M Shkunov Nanotechnology 2013 24 405203 (1-7)

Epithelial cancer cells exhibit different electrical properties when cultured in 2D and 3D environments HJ Mulhall, MP Hughes, B Kazmi, MP Lewis, FH Labeed Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2013 1830 5136-5141

Process development for cell aggregate arrays encapsulated in a synthetic hydrogel using negative dielectrophoresis RG Abdallat, AS Ahmad Tajuddin, DH Gould, MP Hughes, HO Fatoyinbo, FH Labeed Electrophoresis 2013 34 1059-1067

Determination of the thermal and physical properties of black tattoo ink using compound analysis A Humphries, TS Lister, PA Wright, MP Hughes Lasers in Medical Science 2013 28 1107-1112



Finite Element Analysis of thermal and acoustic processes during laser tattoo removal A Humphries, MP Hughes, TS Lister, PA Wright Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 2012 45 108-115

Cell Membrane Analysis using Modulated Dielectrophoresis MMM Elnasharty, AM Ghoneim, GM Turky, M Kamal, FH Labeed, MP Hughes, KF Hoettges Romanian Journal of Biophysics 2012 22 221-234

Cytoplasm resistivity of mammalian atrial myocardium determined by dielectrophoresis and impedance methods CH Fry, SC Salvage, A Manazza, E Dupont, FH Labeed, MP Hughes, RI Jabr Biophysical Journal 2012 103 2287-2294



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Rapid, automated measurement of dielectrophoretic forces using DEP-activated microwells LM Broche, KF Hoettges, SL Ogin, GEN Kass, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2011 32 2393-2399

Biophysical characteristics reveal neural stem cell differentiation potential FH Labeed, JT Lu, HJ Mulhall, SA Marachenko, KF Hoettges, LC Estrada, AP Lee, MP Hughes, L Flanagan PLoS One 2011 6e25458



Action potential recording from dielectrophoretically positioned neurons inside micro-wells of a planar microelectrode array FT Jaber, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2009 182. 225-235



Dielectrophoresis-activated multiwell Plate for label-free high-throughput Drug Assessment KF Hoettges Y Hübner, LM Broche, SL Ogin, GEN Kass, MP Hughes Analytical Chemistry 2008 80 2063-2068

Protein adsorption on materials for recording sites on implantable microelectrodes J Selvakumaran, J Keddie, DJ Ewins, MP Hughes Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 2008 19 143-151

Rapid on-chip determination of dielectric properties of biological cells using imaging techniques in a dielectrophoresis dot microsystem HO Fatoyinbo, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2008 29 3-10

Dielectrophoretic analysis of changes in cytoplasmic ion levels due to ion channel blocker action reveals underlying differences between drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistance leukaemic cells L Duncan, H Shelmerdine, MP Hughes, HM Coley, Y Hübner, FH Labeed Physics in Medicine and Biology 2008 53 N1-N7



Applications of Dielectrophoretic / electro-hydrodynamic “zipper” electrodes for detection of biological nanoparticles Y Hübner, KF Hoettges, MB McDonnell, MJ Carter, MP Hughes International Journal of Nanomedicine 2007 2 427-431

Rapid determination of antibiotic resistance in E. coli using dielectrophoresis K. F. Hoettges, J. W. Dale, M. P. Hughes Physics in Medicine and Biology 2007 52 6001-6009  

An Integrated Dielectrophoretic Quartz Crystal Microbalance (DEP-QCM) Device for Rapid Biosensing Applications HO Fatoyinbo, KF Hoettges, SM Reddy, MP Hughes Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2007 23 225-232

Biophysical characterization of MDR breast cancer cell lines reveals the cytoplasm is critical in determining drug sensitivity H Coley, FH Labeed, H Thomas, MP Hughes Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2007 1770 601-608

Early detection of oral cancer – is dielectrophoresis the answer? LM Broche, N Bhadal, MP Lewis, S Porter, MP Hughes, FH Labeed Oral Oncology 2007 43 199-203

Dielectrophoretic Separation of Bacillus Subtilis spores from environmental diesel particles HO Fatoyinbo, S Martin, P Pashby, MP Hughes, FH Labeed Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2007 9 87-90



Rapid assessment of early biophysical changes in K562 cells during apoptosis determined using dielectrophoresis S Chin, MP Hughes, HM Coley, FH Labeed International Journal of Nanomedicine 2006 1 333-337

In situ and real time determination of metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes in suspension via dielectrophoresis N Mureau, E Mendoza, SRP Silva, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes Applied Physics Letters 2006 88 243109 (1-3)

Changes in the cytoplasm of K562 myelogeneous leukaemic cancer cells during apoptosis, observed in real time by dielectrophoresis FH Labeed, HM Coley, H Thomas, MP Hughes Biophysica et Biochimica Acta 2006 1760 922-929



Parallel measurements of drug actions on Erythrocytes by dielectrophoresis, using a three-dimensional electrode design Y Hübner, KF Hoettges, GEN Kass, SL Ogin, MP Hughes IEE Proceedings on Bionanotechnology 2005 4 21-25

A high-throughput 3D composite dielectrophoretic separator HO Fatoyinbo, D Kamchis, R Whattingham, SL Ogin, MP Hughes IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2005 52 1347-1349

Extraction of dielectric properties for multiple populations from dielectrophoretic collection spectrum data L Broche, FH Labeed, MP Hughes Physics in Medicine and Biology 2005 50 2267-2274

Action potential velocity detection using an implantable microprobe MP Hughes, DJ Banks, DJ Ewins Measurement Science and Technology 2005 16 N7- N10



Numerical simulation of dielectrophoretic ratchet structures MP Hughes Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2004 37 1275-1280



Optimising particle collection for enhanced surface-based biosensors KF Hoettges, MP Hughes A Cotton, NAE Hopkins, MB McDonnell Engineering in Medicine and Biology 2003 22(6) 68-74

Water quality test based on dielectrophoretic measurements of fresh water algae Selenastrum capricornutum Y Hübner, KF Hoettges, MP Hughes Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2003 5 861-864

Use of combined dielectrophoretic/electrohydrodynamic forces for biosensor enhancement KF Hoettges, MB McDonnell, MP Hughes Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2003 36 L101-L104

Assessment of multidrug resistance reversal using dielectrophoresis and flow cytometry FH Labeed, HM Coley, H Thomas, MP Hughes Biophysical Journal 2003 85 2028-2034

Dielectrophoretic assay of bacterial resistance to antibiotics J Johari, Y Hübner, J Hull, JW Dale, MP Hughes Physics in Medicine and Biology 2003 48 N193-N196



Strategies for dielectrophoretic separation in laboratory-on-a-chip systems (invited review) MP Hughes Electrophoresis 2002 23 2569-2582

Dielectrophoretic behaviour of latex nanospheres: low-frequency dispersion MP Hughes Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2002 250 291-294

The influence of Stern layer conductance on the dielectrophoretic behaviour of latex nanospheres MP Hughes, NG Green Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2002 250 266-268

Measuring the dielectric properties of herpes simplex virus type 1 virions with dielectrophoresis. MP Hughes, H Morgan, FJ Rixon Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2002 1571 1-8

Theoretical evaluation of asynchronous AC dielectric nanomotors MP Hughes Nanotechnology 2002 13 157-162



Dielectrophoretic manipulation and characterisation of herpes simplex virus-1 capsids MP Hughes, H Morgan, FJ Rixon European Biophysics Journal 2001 30 268-272



AC electrokinetics: applications for nanotechnology MP Hughes Nanotechnology 2000 11 124-132



The dielectrophoretic behavior of submicron latex spheres: influence of surface conductance MP Hughes, H Morgan, MF Flynn Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 1999 220 454-457

Dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of antibody-coated submicrometer latex spheres MP Hughes, H Morgan Analytical Chemistry 1999 71 3441-3445

An evanescent-field technique for dielectrophoresis studies of colloidal particles MP Hughes, H Morgan Measurement Science Technology 1999 10 759-762

Mapping the electrorotational torque in planar microelectrodes MP Hughes, S Archer, H Morgan Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1999 32 1548-1552

Separation of submicron bioparticles by dielectrophoresis H Morgan, MP Hughes, NG Green Biophysical Journal 1999 77 516-525

Measurement of bacterial flagellar thrust by negative dielectrophoresis MP Hughes, H Morgan Biotechnology Progress 1999 15 245-249



Computer-aided analysis of conditions for optimizing practical electrorotation MP Hughes Physics in Medicine and Biology 1998 12 3639-3648

Manipulation of herpes simplex virus type 1 by dielectrophoresis MP. Hughes, H Morgan, FJ Rixon, JPH Burt, R Pethig Biochima et Biophysica Acta 1998 1425 119-126

Dielectrophoretic trapping of single sub-micrometre scale bioparticles MP Hughes, H Morgan Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1998 31 2205-2210



Large-area travelling-wave dielectrophoresis particle separator H Morgan, NG Green, MP Hughes, W Monaghan, TC Tan Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 1997 7 65-70

Large area multilayered arrays for dielectrophoretic fractionation NG Green, MP Hughes, W Monaghan, H Morgan Microelectronic Engineering 1997 35 421-424



Dielectrophoretic forces on particles in travelling electric fields MP Hughes, R Pethig, X-B Wang Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1996 29 474-482

Non-uniform spatial distributions of both the magnitude and phase of AC electric fields determine dielectrophoretic forces X-B Wang, MP Hughes, Y Huang, FF Becker, PRC Gascoyne Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1995 1243 185-194



Computer-aided analyses of electric fields used in electrorotation studies MP Hughes, X-B Wang, FF Becker, PRC Gascoyne, R Pethig Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1994 27 1564-1570


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