The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


Shabnam Faraghat

Shabnam Asal Faraghat was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, where she completed a Bachelor's Degree at the American University of Sharjah majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Petroleum Engineering. She and her BSc thesis team competed and placed second in the 'national young innovators' competition for their work on the production of Biodiesel from algal oil which was also published as a conference paper with the IREC. Following brief employment at Yokogawa she moved to the U.K. to pursue a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Surrey. She was awarded a distinction for her dissertation on the characterisation and separation of Apoptopic Jurkat cells, Jurkat cells and osteoblasts from a heterogeneous population in a laboratory on chip using Dielectrophoresis and 3D well chip technology.


Currently she is doing a PhD at the University of Surrey in which she seeks to explore new ways of producing DEP separators based on Surrey's patented 3D construction methods such as the DEP-well based designs where flow is orthogonal to the laminations. The work also undertakes the design evaluation and optimisation of the Canyon chips in which flow is parallel to the laminations for continuous flow separation purposes. The project aims to integrate modular components in the construction of a Laboratory-on-Chip  that can be programmed to enrich stem cells in combination with a range of hydrodynamic technologies.