The Dielectrophoresis Network

at the University of Surrey


Sina Mahabadi

Sina is currently a postgraduate researcher in the biomedical engineering department of University of Surrey. His work mainly focuses on the medical applications of DEP in both chemo- and radiotherapy of cancer. This research is aimed at improving and optimizing the effect of specific drug treatments on certain types of cancer cells, known as personalized medicine.


His enthusiasm about cancer treatment increased when he did his undergraduate project in optimization of brachytherapy for cervical cancer. He then resumed his passion in his master's degree in Medical Physics in University of Surrey. His project aimed to introduce a more accurate technique in diagnoses of hypoxic tumours in PET imaging.


So far, he has demonstrated his work at five conferences through posters and presentations. His current research is mainly based on two main parts including evaluation of cell detachment methods and investigation of drug treatments solely or combined with irradiation on electrophysiological properties of the head and neck and breast cancer cells. He is currently preparing to submit two journal papers about his current work and also develop the drug investigation in order to correlate the electrophysiological properties of the cells with biological phenomenon that occurs within the cells membrane and cytoplasm.


As well as the other members of the DEP department, his research aims to introduce DEP as an appropriate and novel method in the broad range of medical applications.